I speak and facilitate workshops on Creative Work and Creative Leadership

(and even Parenting Strategies to Nurture Kids' Creativity!)


  • The art & science of bringing your biggest ideas to life
  • How to become a Creative Badass (TM)
  • How to clarify your creative vision and find your focus
  • How to amplify your motivation and commitment to your creativity
  • Design a Creative Momentum System that makes achieving your creative goals inevitable
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs and develop unshakeable creative confidence
  • Connecting to your Purpose, Passions, and Creativity to accelerate your career
  • How to Design Flow Experiences to Accelerate Your Creativity & Performance


  • How to ignite & develop your team's creativity
  • Leading Change and Innovation
  • How to increase the level of influence, innovation, and impact that you bring to your organization
  • Coaching your people for creativity, growth, and accountability.
  • Designing your team for agility, collaboration, and innovation
  • Creating a shared vision that inspires team innovation
  • How to cultivate a powerful team culture that fosters creativity


  • How to identify and foster your kids’ unique creative strengths
  • The importance of role modeling creativity for your kids
  • Why having a creative outlet is important as a Parent
  • How engaging in the creative process can make you a more curious, compassionate, mindful (and effective) parent
  • How to create memories & experiences that last through music
  • The power of music in developing your child's creativity, compassion, and appreciation of diversity
  • Lessons I've learned from my son on living a creative, meaningful life

Let's Connect.

If you are interested in partnering with me for a speaking engagement, workshop, or podcast episode, please connect with me at jeff at jefffajans dot com.

Guest Podcast Episodes

I've been having a lot of fun guesting on these amazing podcasts talking about all things creativity, creative work, productivity for creative people, creative leadership, and creative parenting.

🎧 And talking about my unique style of kids' music that I create under the artist name, MrBoodaddy, every chance I get as well!🤘

Modern Dadhood

Superpower: Unlocked | Jeff Fajans on the Benefits of Creative Thinking

Part of being a parent is helping to teach our kids to have—and utilize—a creative mindset. And even though sometimes it can be a struggle to bring a creative idea to life, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the process itself.

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Finding Your Village

Creativity During the Early Days of Parenting: I talk with Amanda Gorman about finding time for creativity during the early days of parenting. This is really important, especially for those parents who are entrepreneurs or who work in fields where creativity is necessary..

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Fearless Fathers Podcast with Jeff Fajans Creative Coach

Fearless Fathers

The Beastie Boys for Babies – PhD Jeff Fajans and The Importance of Sparking Creativity In Our Children

I share how creative outreach is crucial to not just your child but you as
a father. Even if you feel you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I break down ways you
can inspire creativity not only in your child but in you as well, opening up a realm of possibilities.

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Welcome to Fatherhood Podcast

Welcome to Fatherhood

Capturing The Wild Ride Of Toddlers & Parents

Kelly and I talk about the origin of my love for music, why it's important for me to pass this love on to my son to help him discover and develop his own creative side, and how music can activate creativity and empathy skills in kids that will enrich their lives in the future and set them up for success.

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Parent Tell

Kids' Music Kinda Sucks, Let's Change That

I talk with Kaila about why I committed to creating kids music that actually rocks after tradtional kids' music was driving me crazy as a new Dad. We also talk about the importance of respect and empowerment in parenting and helping our kids authentically relate to their world.

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Just Some Dads

Creativity Is All About...

Looking for a way to unlock that parenting creativity you've been yearning to have? I had a great conversation with Collin and Michael about unlocking and opening up yours and your children's creativity through music, reframing, attitude, and some silly stories.

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Win Today

Get Flowing: How To Amplify Creativity & Achieve A State Of Flow Ft. Jeff Fajans, PhDI

I share tips with Ryan on how to amplify your creativity and how to define creativity for yourself. I also go deeper into how to trigger Flow states so you can get "in the zone" more often - whether you are doing something you're passionate about or hoping to bring more Flow to your day job.

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The Goal Achievement Podcast

Finding Your Flow Faster with Jeff Fajans

I share how you can find your state of Flow faster and more reliably in this episode with productivity coach, Matt East. We also talk about productivity tips for creative people - and what we've seen to be most effective.

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Fixing Fathers w David Lee

A Candid Talk with Dr. Jeff Fajans (MrBoodaddy)

I talk with David about the importance of role modeling creativity for your kids, how to identify and foster your kids creative strengths, and more about why fathers should work with a coach to help them bring their biggest ideas to life.

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Just Us Dads

Kids & Creativity

George, George, and I talk about how I got re-inspired by music when I found out I would be Dad. I share more about how I reconnected with authentic my creative self, why I started (and continue) recording awesome kids' songs, and more on the importance of instilling creativity in our kids (and much more!)

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Bad to Dad Podcast with Jeff Fajans

Bad to the Dad

Fight for Your Right to Daddy

In this episode I share more about my inspiration and special relationship with my son, Hendrix - and my musical journey of making kids' music that actually rocks inspired by my son's developmental phases and experiences.

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Dudes and Dads Podcast with Jeff Fajans Creative Coach

Dudes and Dads

Creativity In Parenting

In this episode, I talk with the Dudes and Dads crew about about creativity in parenting - how to nurture our kids' creativity as well as our own as parents (and why that's important, too).

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