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Jeff Fajans - Domestika Instructor

Jeff Fajans, PhD - Creative Performance & Leadership Coach

Leading Expert in the Art & Science of Creative Work

Are you a Business Leader who...

  • Wants to spend more time on your highest-level, strategic work so that you can scale your business?
  • Is always "putting out fires" and solving your team's problems?
  • Wants to motivate your team to operate with more creativity and accountability?
  • Struggles with decision-making and prioritization?
  • Feels unsure how to have an impact during uncertain, disruptive times?
  • Needs a better set of tools to become more effective at leading change and innovation?

Become the transformational leader you were meant to be.

With my signature Creative Momentum Leadership coaching framework, I'll help you expand the level of innovation, influence, and impact that you bring to your business.

You'll finally push past the obstacles that have been keeping your business stagnating & stuck and create more momentum within one month than you likely have all year.

After our free coaching session, I'll send you a FREE template for more meaningful and productive 1-on-1's: 1-on-1's for Team Creativity .

Fight Burnout. Be More Creative. Be More Productive

"When I first started working with Jeff, I was a little skeptical that he would understand how to help me.

As a general manager of a multi-million dollar company, it seemed like I always had more creative ideas than time to implement them. I felt overwhelmed and unfocused.

From our very first meeting, Jeff was able to help me get out of my own way and find my focus. But now after every call with Jeff, I have clarity on my next action steps.

I've been crushing my goals and feel more laser-focused than ever before.

If you feel like you have lots of creative ideas but aren't making any meaningful progress on them, I highly recommend you partner with Jeff!"

— Kevin, General Manager and Co-Owner


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My clients are business leaders, founders, and owners pursuing breakthroughs in themselves, their teams, and their communities:

“I initially signed up for coaching with Jeff during a transition period in my career, when I had to redefine my role inside my organization, identify my priorities, areas of focus, and how to have an impact during a phase of intense flux.

Jeff helped me a lot, bringing great clarity and perspective, and suggesting approaches or methods that helped me navigate this change.

Many of his suggestions are now part of my daily routine. We continued evolving the coaching relationship from there.

I feel Jeff can be a great partner for anyone in a leadership position, having to deal with culture change, innovation in organizations, and how to be effective during uncertain times."

- Gabriel, Marketing Executive & Managing Director

"In the last 3 months, I have gone from one of the lowest performers to the TOP producer on my team by a *wide margin*.

In fact, everyone on my team is asking what my "secret sauce" is and is picking my brain for advice now.

I'd say that is a 180-degree turnaround from where I was before working with Jeff!

I started working with Jeff to help reinvigorate my software sales career.

The top thing I enjoy about working with Jeff is that he asks high-quality questions that help you to create more "flow states" - which is essentially a peak performance state which is *crucial* for success in my sales role."

- David, Account Services @ SalesForce

"I'm the co-founder of a software startup, and I decided to see if coaching could help me get better at setting and achieving my goals.

I did some research on various coaches and picked Jeff because I liked what he had to say in his bio.

My experience has far exceeded expectations. Jeff is a gem.

He asks great questions. He is also great at helping me clarify my goals, and then holding me accountable to keeping them.

I can't recommend Jeff highly enough as a coach. I almost don't want to write this review for fear that he will get too popular, leaving less time to work with me."

- Gabe, Co-Founder & CEO of Medical Tech Startup

“Being an entrepreneur and owner of two restaurants I found I had gotten lost in the minutia of everyday life. I had forgotten my goals and the big picture.

In a very short time, Jeff was able to help me redefine my personal values and carry them into my business and community.

In the beginning, Jeff helped me achieve "small wins" by identifying my strengths. By focusing on my strengths and letting go of my weaknesses these daily "small wins" gave me the momentum to tackle my larger goals.

Now, Jeff and I are working on my "Big Ideas," a five-year plan that will make a lasting impact on my community, my team, and myself.

With Jeff's encouragement, my days are no longer about washing dishes and bussing tables, it is about taking the bold steps to achieve my potential. I am now the pebble that starts the ripple that makes a difference."

- Rob, Restaurant Owner and Community Leader

If you're serious about transforming yourself into a transformational Creative Leader, I'd love for you to experience a Gifted (i.e. Free) 45-minute Coaching Discovery Session with me.

This is what we'll do during our session:

  • Connect [5 minutes]: We'll get to know each other to see if there is a good fit
  • Explore [15 minutes]: We'll dig deep into your biggest challenges, opportunities, and most important goals
  • Strategize [20 minutes]: We'll create a roadmap with clear next actions for momentum and growth
  • Invite [5 minutes]: I'll share more about my coaching program and we'll discuss what partnering together could look like
Jeff Fajans - Denver Creative Leadership Coach

What You Get When You Partner with me as your Creative Leadership Coach

My 1-on-1 coaching is customizable to you and your situation.

It's intended to deliver the highest Return Per Minute on Your Time & Money as possible.

My 1:1 coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all training program (Although you do get access to my courses, templates, tools, and curated resources that will give you direct advice).

This coaching is all about helping you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Live 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions via Zoom

We work on what is most pressing to you each session.

My goal for each session is to help bring you closer to achieving the results listed under my 3-pillar Creative Leadership framework above.

Here's what to expect from me during our calls:

  • To be your accountability coach and make sure you are following through
  • To challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone
  • To encourage you to act bolder, more authentically, more purposefully
  • To be direct and call you out on your own bullshit
  • Be your biggest fan and advocate - you're doing amazing shit!!!

My usual live coaching session rhythm is a 1-hour call every other week.

Daily Check-In Support via Text

To maximize your momentum, growth, and accountability, I also provide daily (except on Saturdays) check-ins via text.

Through my coaching experiences and PhD research on learning and creative performance over the last 10 years, I’ve identified a simple, yet effective text-based method to promote continuous momentum towards your biggest, creative goals.

It's called the RPA Method - Reflection, Prioritization, Accountability.

  • Reflection - To truly grow from experiences (and not just live through them), you need to engage in deliberate reflection. Reflection helps you explore, identify, and learn better ways of working on your creative projects so that achieving your biggest goals becomes more effortless and enjoyable.
  • Prioritization - The master skill for staying focused. Each day and week we are identifying what truly is most important (and what is NOT) to ensure you are spending time on what matters most.
  • Accountability - This is all about ensuring following-through and identifying any adjustments that need to be made to get back on track, should things not be going as originally planned.

Each day via text, I am helping you stay set clear goals, stick with them, and improve your effectiveness.

All it takes is 5 minutes a day and for you to simply respond to my questions honestly..

Access to 30 Day Creative Momentum Challenges with Live Coworking and Mastermind Sessions

I also run a 30 Day Creative Momentum Challenge community where I host weekly live coworking and mastermind sessions as well as a daily accountability check-in via Discord.

It's a fun group of dedicated creators and entrepreneurs challenging themselves to make daily progress on their creative goals - and when you work with me 1-on-1, you get access to everything that it involves.

Bonus Guides, Tools, Resources

I'm always creating guides, resources, and tools to help creative leaders and their teams be more effective, creative, and productive.

When you partner with me as your coach, you also get access to:

  • The 4 Shifts You Need to Make as a Leader to Ignite Your People’s Creativity
  • 1-on-1's for Team Creativity
  • Powerful Coaching Questions to Ask Your People
  • How to Give Feedback to Ignite Your People's Creativity
  • Employee Experience for Creativity 101
  • The Creative Momentum Toolkit
  • How to Design Flow Experiences
  • How to Become a Creative Badass
  • How to Think and Act Like a Creative Genius
  • The Negative Self-Talk and Limiting Belief Eliminator
  • Productivity for Creative People
  • Design Your Ideal Week
  • Designing Effective Habits to Propel Your Creative Work
  • Connecting to Your Purpose, Passions, and Play
  • My library of curated resources from other experts
  • And more as they are being developed!

Want More Customization?

Want to discuss additional customizations to your 1-on-1 coaching?

Sure thing!

Whether it's adding more or different types of calls and check-ins (e.g. weekly 1-hour, extra 15-minute accountability calls), or something else you have in mind - let's discuss!

“Jeff has surpassed all my expectations as a coach. He has helped me stick with the helpful habits and get rid of the bad habits in a very positive and humane way.

Although he offers his deep knowledge and tools without stint, he asks smart questions and shares his insights that usually help me find my real challenges and the right solutions on my own.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff as a coach for improving your awareness and effectiveness. You will regret not hiring him sooner.”

- Jussi, Founder & CEO of Tech Startup in Logistics Industry

"I recently started a creative advertising agency in digital media.

I was moving in circles, I had a lot of ideas but very few actions, and I was very stressed and disappointed with my results.

I was lucky to find and work with Jeff. Immediately I started working with him, I realized a big change - I began to do the things I said I will do, my personal integrity and self-confidence went up, and my priorities when I wake up in the morning are now CRYSTAL CLEAR.

I am feeling very productive with the tools and techniques suggested by Jeff. We even worked on a sales script together.

I wish I had a coach like Jeff earlier - I would have accomplished even more. He really goes the extra mile to give insight and show you the way."

- Hassan, Founder & CEO of Digital Media & Advertising Agency

Meet Your Coach.

Hello - Domestika How to Achieve Creative Goals with Jeff Fajans

Hey everyone!

My name is Jeff Fajans (rhymes with "lions").

I am a certified creative performance and leadership coach who helps leaders master the art and science of creative leadership.

I'm passionate about helping high-potential leaders upgrade their personal operating systems, ignite their people's creativity and accountability, and scale their impact.

In my past roles, I served as Head of Talent and Organization Development at entertainment and retail marketing agencies - partnering with senior executives to bring forth culture and leadership transformations that drove innovation, high performance, and growth.

For my coaching certification, I learned from David Peterson, the former Head of Google's Executive Coaching & Leadership team.

I've designed and produced internationally acclaimed digital courses on creative work and creative leadership that can be found on Domestika, LinkedIn Learning, and Cornerstone OnDemand.

I also serve on the Board of Advisors of OASIS Center International, a non-profit whose mission is to bring creativity and arts mentorship programs to underserved youth.

My mission is to help 1 million people bring their biggest ideas to life through my coaching, teaching, and advocacy of creativity.

The values that drive me are creativity, curiosity, compassion, and courage.

I’ve worked 1-on-1 with hundreds of creative people and presented to thousands of others across the world from every continent except Antarctica  (for some reason penguins aren’t into self-development).

My clients come from all creative industries - from technology, design, marketing, software development, filmmaking, writing, art, music, architecture, content creators & influencers, professional speaking, academia, non-profit, and other small and mid-sized creative businesses.

Here are 3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

  • Thing #1: My last name is a Polish last name. My Polish great-grandfather Kazimierz Fajans discovered the chemical element, Protactinium, and ate lunch with Albert Einstein at a table my parents now have in their dining room.  
  • Thing #2: I have a PhD in Positive Organizational Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, where I studied under Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, world-renowned author of Flow.  My research focused on how to help people learn, develop, and lead more effectively to better achieve creative goals.
  • Thing #3: I am an avid music creator and guitar player - and since the birth of my amazingly curious, creative, and energetic 3.5-year-old son, Hendrix, I have been creating funky fresh kids music that captures the authenticity, joy, craziness, and fun of toddlers and parents experiencing the world together.  This is NOT anything like the typical cookie-cutter children's music out there.  The president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) described my EP, Trash Truck, as "Beastie Boys for Babies" 🤣.