How to Become a Creative Badass

A 9-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck and Igniting Your Highest Levels of Creativity

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Feeling Stuck, Overwhelmed, or Unfocused? Not Living Up to Your Full Creative Potential?

Over the past 7 years, I have focused my PhD & applied research on uncovering the keys to unlocking higher levels of creativity & innovation.

Through studying under Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, (world-renowned creativity & positive psychology researcher and author of Flow), drawing upon decades of scientific research on creativity from top creativity & innovation scholars, and examining my own experiences with the creative process, I’ve synthesized 9 foundational steps that you can follow to get unstuck, ignite your creativity, and become a Creative Badass - in whatever creative field you are in.

This free e-book will help you:

  • Navigate the uncertainty & doubt inherent in creative work
  • Supercharge your creative process
  • Consistently create & get your ideas out into the world
  • Transform into a Creative Badass
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What people have said about this e-book:

This book is a great resource for anyone hoping to boost their creativity, not just for artistic endeavors but in business and everyday life as well. Too often, people assume they’re not creative just because they’re not an artist, writer, or musician. This book helps you realize being creative isn’t the same thing as being artistic, and everyone can be more creative if they practice a handful of simple techniques that are easy to incorporate into your day.

The book is divided into nine sections. You start by learning techniques to help you become more aware, notice more things, and be more imaginative. You move on to practicing techniques designed to help you generate more ideas and generate higher-quality ideas. I was glad to see the book went further than just offering techniques about how to have more ideas. When people hear the word “creativity”, they usually think of the idea generation phase of the creative process, but there’s so much more to creativity than that. It’s important to generate lots of ideas but it’s equally important to be able to tell the good ideas from the bad, a skill that’s covered in part 8 of the book with a group of techniques to teach you how to objectively evaluate your ideas and how to edit them into even better ideas. In the final section, you also learn some techniques for getting your ideas out into the world, something that's immensely important (because what’s the point of having great ideas if you never do anything with them, right?).

I found all the techniques to be clearly explained and user-friendly. I’ve been practicing some of them regularly and I feel like they’ve been helping me be more open and more creative. You do have to take an active approach and actually practice the techniques to see results, but that's the case with learning pretty much any new skill. When it comes to creativity, I think it's worth the effort because the benefits are applicable in all areas of your life.

“This powerful little book contains an outstanding collection of easy to implement strategies (supported by scientific research) designed to bolster your creativity. It is an excellent resource to refer to again and again. Highly recommended!"

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to become more creative! I am a designer and art director and have been a creative in the movie marketing industry for almost 15 years.

I have read almost every book out there on creativity. This book has become my go-to guide whenever I am approaching a new creative project or I seem to be stuck. It is a thorough 9-step program to understanding how to get through creative blocks and thinking up original solutions to creative problems.

Jeff Fajans is a top researcher who has devoted years of study towards exploring what works and sparks one's creativity. He is an absolute master at explaining how to navigate the process.

I would recommend the book for creatives and non-creatives as well. Effective creative thinking can be utilized by just about anyone in virtually any career.

Thanks, Jeff for demystifying the creative process and giving me the tools in order to pursue my full creative potential!

It's time to Get Unstuck and Supercharge your Creative Process.

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