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Find Your Flow Checklist - Design Flow Experiences

Flow is the state of optimal experience - where you are operating at your highest levels of creativity and performance.

It also happens to be the most fulfilling state you can experience in life.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring more Flow into your work and life?

You may think getting into this state of optimal performance is out of your control - a blessing from the creative gods that is gifted to you unpredictably.

This may be your current experience with Flow, but it’s simply not true.

You can actually deliberately design your experiences to increase your likelihood of getting into Flow.

This FREE checklist will show you how.

And best of all, you can implement this simple framework grounded in the science of creative work immediately.

More Flow = bringing your biggest ideas to life faster, more effortlessly, and with more enjoyment.

⚡️Use this checklist before any creative work session to significantly increase your chances of getting into Flow.🤘

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About Jeff Fajans, PhD

My name is Jeff Fajans (rhymes with "lions") and I help creative entrepreneurs bring their biggest ideas to life and reach their next level of creative success.

I have a PhD in Positive Organizational Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, where I studied under Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the world-renowned author of Flow. My research focused on how to help people learn, develop, and lead more effectively to better achieve creative goals.

I am also an avid music creator and guitar player. 🤘

Through my 1-on-1 coaching, 30-Day Creative Momentum Challenge community, internationally acclaimed digital courses, and speaking engagements, I've helped thousands of people from around the world connect with their purpose, clarify their creative vision, amplify their motivation, and create actionable strategies that make achieving their most meaningful goals inevitable.

These are people who are pursuing big goals like starting or leading a business (and scaling it to higher levels of innovation & growth), writing + filming a feature film (and it winning a Sundance award), building an app or product (and getting accepted into Y Combinator or getting VC funding), writing a book (and hitting the Amazon bestseller list) or even exploring a meaningful side hustle or passion project.

Jeff Fajans - Domestika Instructor

Jeff Fajans, PhD - Creative Performance & Leadership Coach

Leading Expert in the Psychology of Creative Work