Are you a High Potential Leader Working in a Creative Industry?

Are you...

  • Feeling unsure about how to best navigate the disruption, complexity & uncertainty of today?
  • Leading a big change or innovation initiative?
  • Looking for ways to ignite higher levels of creativity and ownership in your team?
  • Feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or just as if you could use a better set of tools to become more effective?
Jeff Fajans

I help high potential creative leaders and executives become more successful than they already are by partnering with them to expand the level of innovation, influence, and impact that they bring to their organizations.

“I initially signed up for coaching with Jeff during a transition period in my career, when I had to redefine my role inside my organization, identify my priorities, areas of focus, and how to have an impact during a phase of intense flux.

Jeff helped me a lot, bringing great clarity, perspective, and suggesting approaches or methods that helped me navigate this change.

Many of his suggestions are now part of my daily routine. We continued evolving the coaching relationship from there.

I feel Jeff can be a great partner for anyone in a leadership position, having to deal with culture change, innovation in organizations, and how to be effective during uncertain times."

- Gabriel, Marketing Executive & Managing Director

"I'm the co-founder of a software startup, and I decided to see if coaching could help me get better at setting and achieving my goals.

I did some research on various coaches and picked Jeff because I liked what he had to say in his bio.

My experience has far exceeded expectations. Jeff is a gem.

He asks great questions. He is also great at helping me clarify my goals, and then hold me accountable to keeping them.

I can't recommend Jeff highly enough as a coach. I almost don't want to write this review for fear that he will get too popular, leaving less time to work with me."

- Gabe, Co-Founder & CEO of Medical Tech Startup

"My first intro call and chat with Jeff was splendid and I felt I had landed in the right hands to help me navigate through my needs.

Based on development areas agreed upon and assessments made, Jeff has been quite methodical in the areas to be addressed.

He is extremely approachable and provides a lot of air time via chat in going through the issues as well as during the fortnightly calls. He is available when I need him to go through issues.

He is rich with resources and shares them based on my needs (dev areas). I have observed improvements in the areas identified and Jeff has been a pillar of strength in my journey.

Jeff is a great coach and very effective in his approach."

- Vijay, Director - Merchant Services Technology @ Barclays Bank India

"In the last 3 months, I have gone from one of the lowest performers to the TOP producer on my team by a *wide margin*.

In fact, everyone on my team is asking what my "secret sauce" is and is picking my brain for advice now.

I'd say that is a 180-degree turnaround from where I was before working with Jeff!

I started working with Jeff to help reinvigorate my software sales career.

The top thing I enjoy about working with Jeff is that he asks high-quality questions that help you to create more "flow states" - which is essentially a peak performance state which is *crucial* for success in my sales role."

- David, Account Services @ SalesForce

Learn How You Can Experience These Results Too.

Schedule a Free 20-Minute Strategy Call to Learn More.

Schedule My Free 20-Minute Strategy Call

Learn How You Can Experience These Results Too.

Schedule a Free 20-Minute Strategy Call to Learn More.

Schedule My Free 20-Minute Strategy Call

Guaranteed Results

When you partner with me as your coach, we will work together to transform your habits, systems, and mindsets to help you:

Time Management Coaching for Executives

Maximize the Quality of your Time, Attention, and Energy - and Experience more Flow.

With so many competing demands, how will I make the most of what can be brought under my control?

Clarify Priorities & Design an Effective Strategy to Achieve Your Objectives.

With so many possible directions, where will I focus & prioritize to produce outstanding results and make the biggest impact?

Resilience - Reduce Stress Bounce Back

Increase Resilience.

How will I bounce back from setbacks and thrive under uncertainty & constant change? How will I reduce stress and prevent burnout?

Leverage Your Strengths to be your best self

Identify & Leverage Your Strengths.

Greatness stems from expanding upon our strengths, not our weaknesses. What can I do better than anyone? What energizes me? How might I redesign my role to maximize my performance & contribution?

Lead Innovation & Change

Lead Innovation & Change.

How will I lead through collaboration & influence to successfully bring new products, services, or processes to my organization - or to transform my company culture?

Decision-Making and Agility

Improve Decision-Making & Operational Agility.

How do I make smart decisions (and avoid paralysis) in high pressure situations characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity? How do I stay agile & adaptable to best navigate a rapidly changing environment?

Development and Growth and Motivation

Develop & Motivate Your Team for Continuous Growth & Engagement.

How will I act as a leader to ensure that my people are consistently developing their capabilities and taking on higher levels of ownership? How do I cultivate a team environment and individual relationships that keep people energized to do their best work?

Design & Lead Your Team to Make Consistent Progress & Achieve Better Results Than Ever.

How will I deliberately design & lead my team to create a culture that promotes innovation, enhance collaboration, improve structures & processes, and enable learning & growth to ultimately drive extraordinary results?

As your coach, I provide partnership, accountability, and a set of advanced leadership playbooks to help you become the transformational leader you were meant to be.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Experience Meaningful Progress in 1 Month or your Money Back.

Ask your HR/People Operations/Learning & Development department if your organization will cover the costs of your coaching engagement.

You Can Experience These Results Too.

Schedule a Free 20-Minute Strategy Call to Learn More.

You Can Experience These Results Too.

Schedule a Free 20-Minute Strategy Call to Learn More.

“Jeff has surpassed all my expectations as a coach. He has helped me stick with the helpful habits and get rid of the bad habits in a very positive and humane way.

Although he offers his deep knowledge and tools without stint, he asks smart questions and shares his insights that usually help me find my real challenges and the right solutions on my own.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff as a coach for improving your awareness and effectiveness. You will regret not hiring him sooner.”

- Jussi, Founder & CEO of Tech Startup in Logistics Industry

"I recently started a creative advertising agency in the digital media.

I was moving in circles, I had a lot of ideas but very little actions, I was very stressed and disappointed with my results. I was lucky to find and work with Jeff.

Immediately I started working with him, I realized a big change - I began to do the things I said I will do, my personal integrity and self-confidence went up, my priorities when I wake up in the morning are now CRYSTAL CLEAR.

I am feeling very productive with tools and techniques suggested by Jeff. We even worked on sales script together.

I wish I had a coach like Jeff earlier - I would have accomplished even more. He really goes the extra mile to give insight and show you the way."

- Hassan, Founder & CEO of Digital Media & Advertising Agency

Jeff has exceeded all my expectations in helping me set weekly and daily priorities, keeping me on track and focused, and helping me think through the blocks to achieving my goals.

If you're an entrepreneur working on a new project, Jeff's questions will push you to think more clearly and creatively. His structured encouragement will keep you focused on your goals, and create a clear path to reaching them faster."

- Ryan, Founder & CEO of Digital Marketing Consultancy

“Jeff has helped me take control of my time in order for me to become more effective at the work and my personal projects.

He is always there to check-in and provide meaningful feedback and actionable tips.”

- Peter, Co-Founder + Design/UX Lead of Education Tech Startup

Let's Connect and Create a Plan.

Schedule a Free 20-Minute Strategy Call to Learn More.

Let's Connect and Create a Plan.

Schedule a Free 20-Minute Strategy Call to Learn More.

Who I Work With

I have 150+ testimonials and success stories from creative leaders, entrepreneurs, & creative professionals pursuing big goals across a diversity of fields:

  • Tech Startups
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Web Design
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Creative Direction & Graphic Design
  • Architecture
  • Account Services
  • Film
  • Writing (Scripts, Novels, etc.)
  • Music
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Blogging & Online Content Creation
  • Academia
  • Medicine
  • Professional Speaking & Coaching

From All Over the World

I've worked with clients from all across the globe: North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa (every continent except Antarctica*)

It has been an absolute privilege and honor to work with creative people from so many diverse cultures.

Regardless of what timezone or country you are in, I am committed to being as flexible as possible in making our coaching relationship work.

*If you know any penguins that are looking to be more creative or productive, please feel free to make an introduction!

Jeff Fajans

About Coach Jeff

I am a coach, consultant, and leader with a PhD in Positive Organizational Psychology (I studied under Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, world-renowned author of Flow). My expertise & experience lies at the intersection of Creativity & Innovation, People Development, Organization Design & Leadership, and Behavior Change.

I have 150+ testimonials from creative leaders & entrepreneurs pursuing big goals across a diverse set of fields.  And I've worked with clients from all across the globe.

In my past roles within organizations, I have served as Head of Talent & Organization Development - partnering with senior leaders & executives to bring forth culture & leadership transformations that drive innovation, high-performance, and growth.

I am also an avid music creator, guitar player, and kettlebell workout enthusiast. Married to an amazing woman. Proud Dad to an amazing, curious, and a hilarious toddler named Hendrix. And pack master to two energetic dogs.

From Dallas, Texas. Now living in Los Angeles, CA.

My mission is to create and help others create. I am driven by creativity, curiosity, courage, compassion, and helping others become their best creative selves.

Ready to Rock?

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